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Green algae often exposed to sunlight due to growing in shallow water survives an extreme and harsh environment by making astaxanthin which is a red colored antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that would otherwise bring harm to the algae. Salmon, lobster, and crabs, often get their red color from eating these algae. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid which is a plant pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their red, yellow and orange colors.  A highly potent antioxidant, many have experienced positive results from its usage.

More Energy
Astaxanthin encourages your body’s mitochondria to use fat as an energy source oppose to sugar, this increases your endurance and decreases your fatigue.

Vascular Health
Studies have shown that this antioxidant, stabilizes plaque that has accumulated in arteries, this prevents these buildups from breaking away and causing a possible stroke or heart attack.

Immune Health
Studies have shown that Astaxanthin fights severe immune diseases such as cancer by boosting interferons and cytotoxic lymphocytes when a threat is perceived.

Eye Health
While Astaxanthin has no Vitamin A activity, it improves or helps to regulate inflammatory factors that affect your eyes and reduces the development of cataracts and uveitis which is an inflammatory disease that affects the eyes.

Gastrointestinal Health
Astaxanthin reduces the formation of gastric ulcers, by scavenging for free radicals that affect the stomach lining.

Keep in mind that nature is full of plants and herbs that give promising results when our health may falter, and algae are full of antioxidants that fight disease, but as with anything that has healing modalities it works when it is coupled with a healthy lifestyle.