Come Out Of The Fog

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Every organ in our body needs to be fed, without food for energy; eventually, we die, the brain is no different.  It is one of the largest and most complex organs. It is made up of 100’s of billions of cells controlling trillions of mechanisms by way of the synapse. Therefore the kind of food you decide to feed your brain becomes very important to make sure that things are functioning at a healthy level.

The cells that make up the tissues and organs in your body including your brain are always dying and need to be generously replaced. The food that brings optimum health to your brain must consist of healthy proteins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and phytochemicals.

Foods that are refined may be vitamin and mineral enriched but end up being a negative to the body’s system as it must detox all the chemicals that are used to process and preserve it for longer shelf life. 

Just as the colon performs better with foods that are fiber-rich to do its job effectively, the brain also has a group of foods that give it the nourishment it needs to retain more memory and bring more focus to your day.

This green gem contains Vitamin K with help to prevent blood clots and protect the brain from strokes. It contains folic acid which helps with memory and focus.

This edible green plant contains a macronutrient called choline, which helps with healthy brain and nerve functions.

This herb that grows as a bush contains an ingredient called Carnosic acid, this acid helps by increasing blood flow to the brain, and it stimulates nerve growth.

This nut contains Vitamin E which helps to improve brain health, by fighting free radicals and protecting nerve cells.

This spice contains Curcumin. A potent anti-inflammatory, which helps to improve your brain’s oxygen intake thus allowing you to focus more.

If you are tired of living in a fog, why not do yourself a favor, and see what your brain can do if you ate a diet that would allow it to shine.  Who knows what potential is locked away in your brain cells just waiting to come out?