Narcissist – Part Three

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While most of us wish to demonize the narcissist and write him or her off as irredeemable, especially if you have had the misfortune to live with or be raised by one, please understand that it’s our goal to offer insight into the root of all disease and not just deal with the symptoms. In order to understand how the weeds of your life began to break the surface, you must first understand what was planted in the ground. If you don’t, then you will spend your life in crisis, going from one chaotic moment to the next. This is not living; it is only existing, and it gives all power to the illness—whereas living gives the authority back to you.

Narcissism is a sickness from which it is hard to recover; those who have been forced into this kind of behavior have endured extreme abuse. They have possibly come from households where they experienced domestic violence, drug abuse, abandonment, or mental illness. Having few options to truly express themselves, they can grow into angry adults filled with pathological anger that results in sudden, unprovoked outbursts.

Because they are in love with their own reflections, they are one step removed from reality; thus, they tend to be great liars and even believe their own lies. That’s why it’s so hard for these people to seek help; they feel like they know best, and often only seek treatment after some major crisis in their life robs them of their pride. If they do go into therapy, those sessions are like a duel to the death; for they always believe that they know more than the therapist. Thus, recovery is difficult. But it is possible. May God give you the courage to believe that.