Leave and Cleave, Part 4

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Our parents’ influence is so strong that it can reach out to us from their graves. Sometimes we still battle with the injuries we received in childhood long after our parents are dead and gone.

Even if your mom and/or dad are still alive, in your quest for resolution you will find they too were injured by their own parents; they only gave to you what was given to them. They did the best they could with what they had.

Your wholeness is the single most important component to the success of your relationship and to a happy home. It not only takes leaving the past and starting your own future, it also consists of “cleaving,” which means to adhere to something so tightly that it is difficult to find the place of separation.

While the words “leaving and cleaving” may sound harsh and radical, consider the alternative. If you choose to remain in your fractured state, you will spend your life going through partners, wounded and disappointed that the love of your life is not the answer to your problems. Instead, their issues only serve to add fuel to your own fire, which is burning out of control.

The years of your life turn like the pages of a book, and the final words of your story are not written by you, but by your children. When you are gone, if you could hear from your grave the words they use to describe you, those words might sound familiar. You see, now they carry the issues you created in them—the same ones your parents created in you.

May God give you the courage to recognize your sickness and seek the healing that only comes through His unconditional love, so that your story ends in triumph and not tragedy.