I am Still Waiting

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had no choice but to sit and wait on God? Maybe you’re like me, and you hate to wait. It’s easy to become impatient when you’re waiting for the doctor or dentist in the exam room or for a salesperson to finish helping a lost customer, isn’t it? Having patience can be even more elusive in our relationship with God if he doesn’t respond ASAP.

Recently, I’ve traveled to a few different places, hoping for some doors to open for Refocus-On-U. I’d prayed for direction, hoping God would provide a way for the many projects we are trying to accomplish. However, although I left the request in God’s hands, I was still trying to work on something that I had promised to let go and give to God. On many occasions, He reminded me that I am not in control, He is.

In the book of Psalm, David was no stranger to waiting on the Lord. Countless times, David did not make a move until he heard from God. When you are faced with despair, how do you wait? Are you anxious and worried? Do you fear that God won’t see it your way?

When I saw that my efforts weren’t getting me anywhere and my frustrations were building up, I came to understand what it means to wait on the Lord. I realized that “the waiting room” is an opportunity for growth in character, obedience, faith, and service. Let me say, I have come a long way, baby! The key to waiting quietly for the Lord is to maintain hope in Him regardless of the situation. In the meantime, while I am still waiting for God to give me the green light, I can smile and rejoice in the Lord and always trust that His promises are true. Psalm 25: 9-10 teaches us three things God wants from us:
1. We must humble ourselves, so that He can guide us in the right direction.
2. We must trust in the Lord, for His way is the only way.
3. We must be obedient, for the Lord’s ways are loving and faithful.

If you are waiting today for God to change your situation or open a door, trust in His timing and provision. He alone knows exactly what you need and when you need it, for he is an on-time God.