Feeling Lazy

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Proverbs 6 vs. 6 (KJV)
Go to the ant thou sluggard; Consider her ways and be wise.

Has your get up and go, gotten up and left?  Are you tired all the time and lack the energy or desire to accomplish many of your daily tasks. Did you know that food has a purpose? When you eat fresh fruit, because it is high in fiber, it goes to work clearing the digestive system of toxins, keeping you regulated. 

provide you with potassium, which helps maintain normal blood pressure, Vitamin C, which allows the skin and cells to repair itself, folate acid, which helps build healthy blood.

Fresh vegetables
provide Vitamin A to help protect you from infections and keeps your eyes healthy. Vitamin C keeps your gums and teeth healthy, and nuts, seeds, and beans provide a good source of protein that is essential in building muscle. 

No argument eating a healthy daily amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and grains protect the body from many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, kidney stones, heart disease, and even cancer.  These foods are workers, they have a purpose, when they are taken in by consumption they each go to their jobs of cleansing, building, protecting the body from harm and repairing areas that have been compromised.  

There is a saying that we are what we eat, filling up on fast foods, processed foods and sugary drinks is the equivalent of allowing a friend or family member to room with you, only to find that he or she is a lazy bum, who has no desire to find a job, or get off the couch and do anything around the house.

These foods have absolutely no purpose to the body whatsoever, and once consumed, sit around doing nothing except getting in the way of the real workers, until eventually, your body stores them as fat.

So, if you are tired and lack energy, and don’t feel like doing anything, maybe it’s time to get a new roommate.