Stay In Your Own Lane

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Proverbs 11:3(KJV)
A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

We have all taken a trip on the freeway only to be vexed by the little old lady who is driving sluggishly in the fast lane with her left blinker on. I used to be that young whippersnapper riding the tail of the person who was going too slowly in front of me. Then one day I was driving in the fast lane and several cars passed me on the right, their drivers glaring at me as they passed. That’s when I noticed my left blinker was on. My entire perspective changed after that. Once I started spending more time in the slow lane, I observed many weird behaviors in the fast-lane drivers. Some would inch closer and closer, trying to intimidate the slower driver occupying the fast lane. Others would ride up to the side of the driver and flip them the bird, while still others would whip their cars in front of the slowpoke and tap their brakes to make their frustration known.

All of us want to arrive at our destinations, yet some of us are willing to risk more risks—sometimes at great cost—to do it sooner. For some drivers, a ticket will be their punishment; for others, it might be an accident or surge in their blood pressure…all for the prize of arriving at their destination three minutes earlier than they would have if they had just gone with the flow of traffic and not allowed someone else’s driving to create a negative influence on their own methods.

The best way to guarantee your life travels will succeed is by staying in your own lane and not becoming fixated on the habits and quirks of people around you. Don’t let other people’s habits and issues push you into taking risks that can bring you harm. Simply work your own plan, focus on your own skills, and maintain your own integrity, and you will arrive at your destination wiser and richer.