Are You Stopped Up

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Genesis 26:15(douay-Rheims)
Stopped up at that time all the wells, that the servants of his father Abraham had digged, filling them up with earth

In Biblical times when a family wanted to put down roots in a land, one of the first things they needed to do was dig a well. A well was their lifeline; it enabled them to plant the crops that would provide food, and it was how they sustained themselves and their animals. Without this well, everything around the family was guaranteed to wither and die. This one source made it possible for every living thing to thrive. If an enemy wanted to stop the progress of a family, they would find ways to plug up their well; this alone could derail all the family operations. Thus, it was to the family’s benefit to do all that was necessary to protect the valuable wellspring that was so central to their well-being.

At times, the progress we’d like to see in our lives seems to stand still. We become lethargic because of the stagnation, but often the changes we need to make in order to get things moving again are very small. We may sometimes overlook the answer because we believe it should be more complicated; thus, we suffer needlessly and long, when we could have enjoyed relief much sooner had we only taken a few simple steps.

The majority of the trouble we experience in our lives, whether it is our health, finances, or relationships, are due largely to our being ‘plugged up.’ We want to enjoy good health, but we don’t take care of ourselves.  We want to be financially secure, yet we make poor decisions with our money.  We want a good marriage, but we will not invest the time and effort in order to have one.  The means of getting our progress flowing freely again is often a lot simpler than we believe.

Why not take a look at the choices you have made and why some things in your life are not moving? Then, may you have the courage to remove whatever is blocking you, to get things flowing again.