Milk For Babies

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Hebrews 5:13(GWT)
“All those who live on milk lack the experience to talk about what is right. They are still babies.”

Milk is the fluid that female animals secrete to feed their young. It is filled with appropriate nutrition for the needs of the baby, and it is a way for the mother to pass certain protections of immunity on to her child. The warm, sweet taste of milk is comforting to a baby, and because it comes from the infant’s mother, it communicates that within it is every needful thing.

As time goes on, the mother begins to wean her baby when it becomes evident that the growing child must become independent and learn to exist outside of what its mother provides. The things that we needed as children, we no longer need as adults, so we put away mother’s milk in exchange for meat, nourishment that will give us the strength and energy to meet our adult needs.

The truth is, it would be outrageous to see a mother breastfeeding her adult child, yet we have no problem sucking on the teat of a cow, which made the milk for her babies, not for us. Pouring it into a sippy cup does not make it more acceptable.

Millions of people suffer needlessly from cramping, bloating, diarrhea, asthma, acne, sinus infections, and a host of other ailments, all because the body generally stops producing the lactase needed to break down the lactose found in milk after infancy. It may be upsetting that your body is begging you to wean it from milk; after all, that ice cream has comforted you through many a scary night. But if you have seen the cost of the antibiotics that treat your constant respiratory infections and the price for your digestive aids, you have already experienced things much more frightening than the thought of letting the baby’s food go.