Hold Me In Your Icy Arms

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Hold Me in Your Icy Arms


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.

2 Corinthian 1:3 NIV

            Years ago, I worked with a doctor that treated many immigrants. He was their doctor of choice. He spoke five different languages, which included Spanish and Polish, these were needed in order to treat these patients.

          One day, he shared with me that a constant complaint of his patients, was the twitching of their eyelids. A minor complaint but a frustrating one. The twitching would last weeks on end. 

          These men and women were experiencing a case of anxiety. In this country, we tend to live a faster pace of life which bombards the immigrants with intense stimuli. Having migrated from a country much slower paced, their lifestyle is completed challenge.

          Living in a pandemic with a high level of uncertainty, has created in many of us the same type of anxiety the immigrants suffered. We are being bombarded with information that keeps changing. This leaves us uncertain and distrusting. It is hard to know what to do. This leaves us vulnerable. In some cases, many have reverted to old behaviors that they work hard to omit from their lives. You removed them because they were not helpful.

          Today, is just a reminder of why you got rid of self-defeating, possibly deadly behaviors. They may look good to you because of the incessant anxiety but there was a great reason you buried these behaviors in the first place. The last drive you took with them, they put you in a precarious position. Throw things back where they belong, dead and buried, and replace them with the one item that lasts, the warm embrace of GOD.