Can You Hear Me Now

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Jeremiah 25 vs. 4
Again and again the LORD has sent you his servants, the prophets, but you have not listened or even paid attention.

While most of us use the word hearing and listening interchangeably, they are two completely different things.

Hearing is one of your five senses. Your ear is responsible for picking up the sounds and vibrations.  Vibrations are picked up as stimuli and sent to the brain.  This, in turn, puts a sound to what was heard.

Listening goes a step further than hearing. It requires you to pay attention to what is being said so that you can derive meaning to the words spoken and then give feedback. This feedback can be through verbal or nonverbal communication.

Verbal communication includes you being able to repeat what was said to you, and your interpretation of its meaning. While nonverbal communication might consist of you changing a course of action or implementing a move that shows that you understand and take seriously what it was you heard while listening.

Every day your life speaks to you, are you listening?  Are you repeating the same mistakes year after year, even though you have been warned? Has your lab work told you about the impending disease that awaits you if you don’t make changes? Has your shortness of breath told you to ditch the cigarettes? Has your indigestion told you to eat better, or your insomnia told you to reduce your stress.

The Israelites went from one wilderness experience to another.   They remained in so many unnecessary situations of suffering and loss because they refused to heed the warning of those who could see what was ahead and were sent to divert them from a road that held nothing but disappointment.

As you continue your life journey may you not just hear but listen and take to heart what is being said to you, so that your life is not just a life of endurance but enjoyment as well.