Uterine fibroids

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Studies have shown that almost 70% of women will develop fibroids in their lifetime, while some women have mild to no symptoms at all, some women endure abnormal bleeding between periods, heavy or prolonged menstrual periods, low back pain, pelvic pain, frequent urination and pain during intercourse.

While Doctors do not know what causes fibroids, it is believed that a fibroid has its beginning as a muscle cell in the uterus that rapidly multiplies due to the influence of estrogen.

Your Doctor may have already explained what your treatment options are if you suffer severely from the symptoms of fibroids.

  1. Hysterectomy: Surgical removal of the entire uterus
  2. Uterine artery embolization: this is where the artery that supplies the blood is identified and is blocked off.
  3. Painkillers: anti-inflammatories are known to control the discomfort associated with fibroids.
  4. Myomectomy: this is where the fibroid is removed, but the uterus is left intact.
  5. Hormone therapy: these include drugs that decrease the effects of estrogen, thus blocking the growth of fibroids.

We know that fibroids grow when they are exposed to the naturally occurring estrogen in a woman’s body and because estrogen levels began to fluctuate as a woman gets into her 30’s and 40’s this is about the time that symptoms started to manifest themselves. There are several natural ways to alleviate some of the symptoms of fibroids, but first, it is good to understand what exacerbates fibroid growth, then it becomes more apparent how to avoid the discomfort associated with this ailment.

  • A diet that is high in fat, but low in nutritional benefits not only causes obesity, but it slows down the body’s ability to rid itself of excess estrogen. Which in turn can feed your fibroids
  • There is a direct correlation between the chemicals in alcohol and caffeine, and its impact on fibroids. The liver processes and rids the body of excess estrogen, and when it is overwhelmed, with detoxifying the unhealthy chemicals you ingested, it cannot do its job effectively. This makes you more prone to the symptoms of fibroids.

Fibroids can have a devastating effect on the health of a woman. Anemia, pain, and infertility are just to name a few.  If we know the things that make fibroids worse, then why not make a few changes to your diet.  Begin an exercise regimen, and if you begin to see positive results, this can inspire you to go all the way with a lifestyle change. Sometimes achieving the thing you hope for, is not as complicated as you think,  living a life free from all the inconvenience of an ailment, may be staring you right in the face, but the answer is so simple you just can’t see it.