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Kiwi is a small fuzzy fruit that is packed with vitamin C and potassium, it is a fruit that originated in China, but after World War II found its way to Europe and the United States. Kiwi is an example that good things do come in small packages.

Eating just one of this fruit will give you an entire day’s worth of Vitamin C, and the right amount of your recommended potassium. Some of the benefits of eating this fruit include:

Vitamin C:
A robust immune system booster, which helps you to fight infections, colds, flu, and other respiratory ailments. A healthy immune system can fight allergies as well as cancer.

A. Fiber:
A fiber-rich diet promotes healthy bowels and lowers bad cholesterol.

B. Potassium:
Helps to maintain your electrolyte balance, helps with normal nerve transmission. It helps to keep a normal rhythm for your heart and lower blood pressure.

C. Serotonin:
Helps to boost your mood and helps to enhance your sleep.

D. Phytochemicals:
Zeaxanthin and Lutein help the body absorb Iron thus work against Iron deficiency.

E. Vitamin A:
Works with phytochemicals to create and promote healthy eyes.

F. Folate:
Boost cognitive health.

G. Diabetic health:
Because kiwi has a low glycemic number, it is a fruit that will not cause an abnormally high spike in your sugar levels.

Everything about this fruit is edible including the peel.  While many may be turned off by its fuzziness, the skin has three times the amount of fiber than the actual fruit inside.  If you choose to eat the peel remember to wash very well to protect yourself from pesticides that may have been sprayed on it.   Moreover, if you wish to impress your friends with your knowledge, you can tell them that Kiwi is a berry, happy eating.