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Lamentations 4:17(NIV)
We looked in vain for our allies to come and save us, but we were looking to nations that could not help us.

In ancient days, if a small country was threatened with war, they generally had two options: they could pay the nation who wished to overthrow them a great deal of money to turn around and head home, or they would often go to a more powerful nation and pay them to fight in their stead.

The only time this becomes a real problem for the smaller nation is if the more powerful nation took their money and then did not show up for the war. You can imagine what kind of position this places the smaller, more vulnerable country. In most cases, it probably caused them greater harm than if they had just shown up to fight, making them the mockery of their foe, and inflaming them to do even greater harm.

Every day our bodies are under constant attack with pathogens that wish to make war. Your immune system is the army that provides your only defense, and sickness can only overtake the body by being stronger than your defense system. There have been many great nations who have lost wars that could have been won, only because their soldiers were too tired, too cold, or too hungry to fight. Your army is what provides you the freedom to do as you please and go where you please, but as we all know, freedom is not free. It is costly, and how you feed and provide for the defense system that fights for you determines what wars can be fought and won, but if you have not taken care of your army of fighters when pathogens come to make war, they are able to push right through your defenses.

Is your lifestyle healthy enough to hold back the mighty forces of disease, or have your choices opened the door, allowing all kinds of illnesses to have their way in your body? If so, then it might be time to reassess what you are providing your body’s defense system and make all necessary changes to ensure that your immune system is a lean, mean fighting machine. And if that fails, remember Jesus saves.