What’s in Your Toothpaste?

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The purpose of toothpaste is to brush off foods that we eat so that it does not get caught in our teeth. However, there are many harmful chemicals used to make toothpaste. Common toothpastes are made with abrasives, surfactants, binders, wetting agents, disinfectants, and antimicrobial preservatives. The surfactants, used in toothpastes contain a lot of shampoos and detergents. These surfactants are some of the main causes for gastritis, ulcers, and gastrointestinal disorders because they destroy the fat layer of our mucosa. In addition, these surfactants lower/weaken the function of various enzymes, which are detrimental to our health. These surfactants also change/numb our taste buds and gradually we will desire our foods to be “heavier”: sweeter, fatter, spicier, or saltier. In Korea, adults are reported to ingest an average of 7.5 milligrams of surfactants when they brush their teeth and use mouth wash 3 times per day.

PARABEN: another chemical used in most toothpaste, which is a preservative. This chemical is absorbed into the body and it acts like estrogen (a female hormone) or increases the action of the estrogen, which can cause the development of breast cancer or disorders in the male’s reproductive system. It is important to know what when a paraben and tap water are mixed it will react and transform into dioxin chloride, which doubles the harmful effect.

Disinfectants are in most toothpastes, in the form of abrasive powder. It is understandable to use abrasives to clean cruds, in general. However, if you brush your teeth every day you will not need the abrasive chemicals because cruds take time to develop.

Wild animals never brush their teeth, and they do not need dental services. Only when the animal becomes domesticated will they need dental service due to their new diet. Even though many people brush and floss their teeth every day and use mouth wash, many are still having dental problems. HOW COME? Do you think Adam and Eve used toothpaste 6,000 year ago? When we eat the right foods, even if our teeth are not completely clean, our mouth will do the job.

Now, I understand the importance for having a clean mouth and fresh breath now days, but it is important for us to understand that most toothpastes are poisonous. If we continue to use this poison in our mouth it will change our taste buds and we will lose the original/sensitive taste for food. The more poison we ingest, the sweeter, fatter, spicier, and saltier we will desire our foods to be. To preserve the nerves of the tongue; do not use anything that is toxic.

To understand this concept, think about a baby’s reaction if you give him hot pepper or something extremely sweet. He will likely cry because his taste buds are overly sensitive. What is the difference between the taste buds of a baby and an adult? The baby is not wearing a “plastic film” on his tongue, but most adults are, because their taste buds have been perverted. When we eat sweets, fats, spicy, or salty foods our tongue’s nerves become paralyzed, and our body quickly create a mucus (“plastic film”) to prevent poisoning. As we continue to eat this type of foods, our body gradually put more layers of “plastic film” on our tongue for protection. As time passes, we cannot taste the food anymore, therefore, we increase the amount of sugar, fat, spices, or salt in our foods.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, we are bombarded with chemicals all the time: chemicals in the air, chemicals in the water, in the food and drinks we ingest, in the toiletries we use, etc. We have lost the original/sensitive taste buds given to us by the Creator. The food our Creator made for us to eat is not irritating or poisoning to our body. If we follow His recommendations, we will not need a “plastic film” on out tongues to protect us. When we start to change our eating habits, the “plastic film” starts to come off because our body does not need it anymore. When all “plastic film” comes off, our original/sensitive taste buds’ return. The nerves come alive. Usually, after 10-25 days of eating healthy/ nutritious foods, we begin to enjoy the taste of the foods God created to sustain us and keep us healthy. It is important to remember that no matter what diseases we may have, by eating the original diet that God created for us we will have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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