The Mind Of A Child

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1 Samuel 17 vs. 40 (BSB)
And David took his staff in his hand, selected five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag. And with his sling in hand, he approached the Philistine.

As the story goes, a giant faced off with a child, and whoever won the battle, would mean devastating results for the other side. As a result of the fight, this was David’s moment to become a champion, his victory was not just for him, but his family, for his country.

Who would have thought to go up against a giant who was almost 9 feet tall and whose armor probably weighed more than David along with just five smooth stones in his pouch?

Trying to remain healthy in this culture can be very difficult; there are pills, powders, supplements, oils, paste, bars, and the list goes on and on. Moreover, often when we are trying to achieve good health, we arm ourselves with the latest innovative weapons, the newest diets, that promise overnight results, the best drinks that promise infinite energy and vigor, the creams that were poured from the fountain of youth.

Truth be told when it comes to good health, less is more. Most diseases that are affecting us today can be solved by choosing to change a few bad habits.  That’s right, the giant of high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, arthritis and a host of other giants can be brought down with the five smooth stones of rest, proper diet, water, exercise, and temperance.

Sometimes approaching a problem with the uncomplicated and fearless mind of a child is all it takes to conquer some of our biggest giants.