Part #2 Where does that come from?

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We are all messed up in one way or another, but most of us are pretty good at keeping our dirty laundry away from the public eye. You would have to get pretty close to people to see the skeletons in their closets. Most of the time, we don’t let people get that close because we don’t really understand why we are the way we are ourselves. However, I believe the more we understand ourselves, the better our chances are of being able to make changes that don’t only benefit us (which in itself is a plenty good reason), but also enrich the lives of those closest to us.

Rita is a very responsible woman. As a matter of fact, she is so responsible that she takes on endeavors which cause her great inconvenience. She will do almost anything to please people, and this tendency comes at great personal pain and expense to her. Still, she does it because she feels she has no right to complain, refuse, or even feel tired. Whatever she does, she does it with the greatest degree of perfection.

This mindset may sound very familiar to you. If it does, chances are you grew up in a household where you were accepted only with conditions. When you were good, you received love, but if you made mistakes or did something wrong, the rod of rejection came down very hard on you.

I pray that you have the courage to cut yourself a break, to say no sometimes, and to forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Allow the buck to stop with you, so that you don’t pass on the treatment you hated most to those whom you say you love. You are good enough as you are, and that’s the truth.