I Need A Hero

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Jonah 2 vs. 8 (NIV)
Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.

We all do it; we have looked for something that will give us a way out, so we buy diet pills that promise to take 30 pounds off in 30 days.  We drink a can of “something” believing that it will give us incredible strength, or make us irresistible to our partners.   We apply some cream or take a pill, thinking certain parts of our body will grow.

We send some prince from a foreign country $19.95 and hope that our million dollars that’s been on hold in some bank we never heard of will be released, or maybe we have been laser-focused on some position we wish to have in life, and so we work ourselves to the bone believing that when we achieve it everything else will fall into place.

Have you spent your life chasing lies, because the truth is too hard or too simple, or too uncomfortable?  Have you put your trust in cream, pills, relationship, money, or position? Creams and pills are not a substitute for low self-esteem, relationships don’t isolate you from loneliness and betrayal, money can’t buy happiness or love, and position cannot ward off sickness or death.

Have you tried everything, only to find there is still a place deep inside that has not been touched or satisfied?   Have you climbed the highest mountain only to look out and say there has to be something more?

Take inventory of the things in your life and the value you have placed on them if a real crisis should arise where will the things that you have given so much time, money, and effort be. Can your pills offer peace or your money grant you mercy?

Many have made the mistake of believing that the tangible things of this life hold some supernatural power only to find out that it offers them nothing when it is their life that needs to be saved. If you have tried everything, why not try God, it is then that you will find that what you have been really looking for was there all along.