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For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper. -Psalms 72:12(KJV)

An old wives tale tells the story of an accomplished professor who enjoyed taking long walks along the pier. He would walk with his hands clasped behind him as he enjoyed indulging in a deep reverie. On one particular day as he walked, the waves were high due to the wind, yet he paid them no mind. He stayed focused on his thoughts and not the elements. While he wasn’t paying attention, one wave rose higher than anticipated and swept him off the pier. The professor could not swim, so down he went.

When he surfaced the first time, he did not want to lose his polished composure, so he called out to a fellow whose attention was elsewhere. “I beg your pardon,” he said, “I seem to have found myself in a bit of a quandary.” The man on the pier could not hear him over the wind, so down the professor went again. As he struggled to get his head above water, he knew that this time he needed to be more forthright in announcing his plight, so as he opened his mouth he said with more sternness, “My dear sir, I am in need of assistance. Please come to my urgent need at once.” But the man on the pier could not hear him, so the professor went down again. He knew as he broke the surface of the water for a third time that this would be his last time to ask for help. He would have to be direct with his plea. After thinking it over, he thought it best to put aside all pleasantries and state his case in the most primitive form. This time when he came up, he screamed in the loudest voice possible…“HELP!”

Are you overwhelmed, but too proud to ask for help? Or, is the way you ask clouded behind pleasantries, pomp, and circumstance? There is a God who is ready and willing to help you; all you have to do is ask and really mean it.

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