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The world we live in is fast-moving; every day, some new technology is released, or some new scientific measure is found, and this often keeps us feeling like we are behind and lacking, or what we have or where we are is not enough. Every day, people are leaving one thing in exchange for something new to better support their growth and newfound intellectual awakening.

I once heard someone give advice on the success of their long-term relationship, and myself having a few years of marriage under my belt, I waited to hear what words would be spoken. Would they say friendship? We all know that being friends with your partner helps. Would they say communication? After all, having a good understanding can diffuse turmoil. Being financially secure, agreeing on how many kids you want, getting along with the in-laws, having similar political or religious beliefs—all these things have their place in the success of a relationship.

The words that were spoken fell flat on my ears; it wasn’t what I expected at all. I was waiting for some new self-help book to be quoted with some new techniques to exercise, maybe a video of some guru promising a better relationship with a loved one in just three days. It turns out that the secret to the long and successful relationship was—and I quote— “We both stayed.”

Can the secret to a long-lasting relationship be so simple? This life is filled with mountains, valleys, winding roads and cliff-hanging experiences, days of great accomplishment and times of utter failure; nowadays, we want the newest and improved. However, do not negate the things that have been around for a while, for unlike the new, they have been tested, vetted and found to be reliable.