Almond Milk

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Three years ago, I decided to step out on faith and make my own milk. I must say experimenting with various types of nuts (walnut, cashew, sesame, almond) in making milk have all been trial and error for me in the beginning and it probably will be for you too if you are a vegan newbie. The good news is you can do it! I have met a lot of awesome vegan cooks in the past few years who have helped me on my journey in preparing dishes. Some I have had to customize for my taste buds in order to enjoy it, but it’s up to you. My goal is to show you healthier alternative ways to prepare a vegan meal and enjoy it.
* If you don’t want to use vanilla, try using medjool dates for that extra flavor. king lifestyle changes. Also keep in mind, sometimes you have to customize it for your taste buds, if you don’t want to use vanilla try adding medjool dates for that extra flavor. I like using both, let me know your flavor!

2 cups of Water
½ cup of Almonds
1tsp. Vanilla (optional)
A handful of medjool dates (optional)
Place the ingredients into a Vitamix, blend until smooth. Grab a cheesecloth, strain it and store in the refrigerator. This gives it a smooth consistency.

This easy recipe comes from a dear friend of mine cookbook called, Diane’s Kitchen. If you would like to order the cookbook, please email me at malindap@refocusonu.org